Safer Injecting


“If you’re shooting drugs, there are some basic steps you can follow to protect yourself from HIV and HCV. If you’re infected with either of these viruses, the same steps should be followed to help prevent the spread of these infections to others.

Use new needles and equipment. The most effective way to prevent infection with HIV and HCV is to use a new syringe and sterile equipment-including cotton, filters, caps, spoons, cookers and alcohol swabs-every time you prepare your hit. Pharmacies in several states now allow people to buy new syringes without a prescription. There are also syringe exchange programs—organizations that collect used needles and shooting paraphernalia in exchange for new syringes and equipment. There are nearly 200 syringe exchange programs operating in 33 states, Puerto Rico and Washington, DC.

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Be safe!

Nurse Naughty

Nurse Naughty