Grand Slam

Hey Babes,

This is for all of our friends who use drugs!

We are beginning our Nurse Naughty blog in order to inform all of you who like to party, and party hard!

We would love it if you’d party safe. We would love it if you’d have fun and not have to worry about your health. We want to help empower you to achieve the best possible health outcomes.

Some of you are no longer having fun using drugs. If this is true for you, contact us at One Voice Recovery, so we can direct you to the help you seek.

Some of you out there are not using drugs chaotically either. Our hats off to you if you can manage your use without wrecking your life. Either way, whomever you are, and whatever your juice or thrill, minimizing your exposure to infectious disease is so important.

Each week we will be sharing information with you, and we’ll share some links to other great sites too.

Our hope for you is that you can be educated about harm reduction strategies, safer injecting, wound care and vein care, overdose prevention and response, STD’s, HIV, Hepatitis A,B and C, nutrition and other critical topics which are essential to empower your health.

So… Let’s get blasted off!

1.) - which is a great site produced by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Here is the link to “Crystal 101”

2.) - “Slamming info”

That’s probably enough to get started as there is so much info to mule over viewing these links.

In Utah, we may encounter a little push-back, (no pun intended) for having these conversations, but fuck it, these are important conversations to have… so lets ride!

Party safe!

Nurse Naughty