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Recovery empowerment Services

Coaching through all stages of recovery...

Coaching through all stages of recovery...

Recovery Empowerment Coaching

Recovery Coaching is a non-clinical support service. OVR’s Recovery Empowerment Coaches are formally trained and adhere to ethical standards outlined by national professional trade associations. The Recovery Empowerment Coach supports individuals in identifying a recovery pathway, that is meaningful and unique to the recoveree. Recovery Coaches are knowledgeable about many pathways of recovery and they serve as a bridge for the recoveree. The Recovery Empowerment Coach removes barriers, advocates, mentors, educates, links and refers to care and additional supports when asked. The Recovery Empowerment Coach helps identify recovery capital, listens, offers honest feedback and offers personal recovery experience as an example. One Voice Recovery’s Recovery Coaches are CCAR trained.

In partnership with the Center for Addiction Recovery Training (CART)

In partnership with the Center for Addiction Recovery Training (CART)

CCAR Recovery Coach Academy

5-day intensive training focused on providing individuals with the skills needed to guide, mentor and support anyone who would like to enter into, or sustain long-term recovery from addiction. Participants can earn 30 CEU's. CEU’s are issued through the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC).


ONE VOICE Recovery Empowerment Group

One Voice Recovery Empowerment Group(c)

People from every recovery pathway (program) have much in common and can benefit from sharing together. Workshops offer a place where people can share their recovery experience, focusing on empowerment, the healing of recovery and how our lives are enriched because of it. If your pathway of recovery is medically assisted, you ARE in recovery and we invite you to join us. These groups are not clinical groups, they are peer support groups which are facilitated by trained One Voice Facilitators. 

Disease Prevention & Care Programs

Provider and partner in Utah Syringe Exchange Network (USEN) and Overdose Outreach Provider.

Provider and partner in Utah Syringe Exchange Network (USEN) and Overdose Outreach Provider.

Syringe Services

ONE VOICE Recovery is a provider and partner with the North American Syringe Exchange Network (NASEN) and the Utah Syringe Exchange Network (USEN) and is a registered Overdose Outreach Provider in Utah. One Voice Recovery operates mobile/outreach, home delivery and fixed site syringe services throughout Utah. OVR's SSP Provides overdose prevention, rescue training & rescue (Naloxone) kits, disease prevention kits, personal sharps containers, referrals, linkage services, food bank, vaccinations, HIV, HCV, STD testing, recovery support, and health education and wound care education and supplies. We Educate and advocate, link to addiction treatment and to other needed support services.

Empowered individuals thrive...

Empowered individuals thrive...

Prevention, Care & Navigation Services

Peer Navigation. HIV/HCV/STI Education Presentations. Linkage to care and PrEP Clinic. Harm reduction "prevention" kits. HIV, HVC, STD testing;  fixed site, mobile and in-home services.

Prevention is power...

Prevention is power...


One Voice Recovery provides vaccinations through the Adult High-Risk Initiative through our partnership with the Utah Department of Health. We offer the following vaccinations;

Hepatitis A/B (Twinrix)

Pneumococcal (Pneumovax 23)

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) (Gardasil9)

Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (Tdap)

Housing Program


Emergency Stabilization Housing 

The purpose of OVR’s Emergency Stabilization Housing (ESH) program is to provide our SSP Clients with emergency shelter assistance while we link them to medical care, addiction treatment, long term-housing programs and other necessary ancillary services in order to help them stabilize. Guests in OVR’s ESH program are offered support short term only. The ESH program is not a supportive living, sober living, transitional housing, treatment program or long term permanent housing program.

Community Service Program

A community service program of One Voice Recovery...

A community service program of One Voice Recovery...

POINTS - A Partnership for Community Action

Points is a community service offered by OVR and other community partners who are trained to handle sharps. We work hard to respond in a timely manner and the safety of every person in our community is most important to us. Please use the POINTS reporting line to;

1.) Report areas where there are discarded syringes, needles and other works. Please leave your contact information if you wish to be contacted. Please also leave the address or information about the location you are concerned about.

2.) To obtain information about where to seek post-exposure treatment and testing for communicable disease and recommended follow-up. 

food bank services

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One Voice Recovery offers Food Bank services for our SSP clients during our drop in hours at our Sugarhouse location. Please see our schedule for hours of operations.